Gas-related Safety Training
and Expert Services

Throughout our society today, the use of gases is constantly increasing. Their applications are evolving and developing within the workplace. It is companies responsibility to ensure the safety of employees are paramount anywhere gases are stored, processed within the work environment.

GasSol Oy provides strong know-how and experience for the gas sector industry, both pharmaceutical and industrial sector. Our company's focus is upon gas-related safety training and expert services. We work actively with healthcare and industry professionals.

The most effective way to ensure the overall safety of the entire work community is by regularly providing gas safety training to all workers and in particular, those dealing directly with the use of gases. GasSol supplies gas-related expert knowledge services.

Our expertise is primarily concerned with; gas manufacturing processes, quality assurance, analytics, gas business development and new business practices. GasSol also continually monitors and updates its knowledge base within the gas sector industry both nationally and globally.

We offer up-to-date expert services to all our Finnish customers. Environmental values have been molded into the foundation of the company, guiding its operations and creating innovative solutions for the customer.