Oxygen Generation With PSA Method

The on-site generation of oxygen is a safe, reliable and above all, cost-effective method. Our atmosphere, as raw material, is an inexhaustible and free source of oxygen. Oxygen generation is an ecologically sustainable solution for healthcare units.

The healthcare sector has expressed significant interest in moving to this new production system. When compared to the old cold distillation method, this interest is justified.

From the beginning of 2013, the Finnish Medicines Agency, Fimea, concluded that on-site generation of oxygen produces a 93% oxygen purity ratio. This production method has been clinically and scientifically proven* to be safe for use in healthcare units in Finland.

The decision provides the opportunity to use new, safe, reliable and cost-effective technology for the production of a medical oxygen. In the history of Finnish healthcare, this represents a significant milestone in the production of a single medical product.

 * Source: Friesen, R.M., Raber, M.B., Reimer, D.H., “Oxygen concentrators: a primary oxygen supply source.” Can. J Anesth. 1999;46:1189.

Laws and Regulations

The manufacture of medical oxygen must comply with all national and EU medical laws. Fimea supervises pharmaceutical production in Finland.

The authority monitors and approves all pharmaceutical production and quality control procedures. Only when the formal license has been granted by Fimea may the equipment be used.

Expertise in Medical Gases

GasSol Oy is a specialist medical gases company. We have wide experience in the manufacture of medical gases and conform to all GMP (good manufacturing practice) requirements.

GasSol has successfully complied with dozens of GMP inspections and never failed to receive an official license. For the best possible solution, we at GasSol encourage you to make contact with us at the design stage in order to facilitate the smoothest possible transition when switching to an oxygen-generating system.

Your partnership with GasSol makes it possible for us to officially authorise the production of medical oxygen. Our experience and know-how are always at your disposal. GasSol Oy guides, educates and makes the required authority documentation. We also advise and consult on hardware acquisitions.

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Why Change to Oxygen Generation?

Significant Cost Savings

  • Price of oxygen will fall dramatically
  • Zero transportation costs
  • Cylinder and tank rentals are eliminated
  • No more ordering gas supplies
  • Reduction of staffing duties

Improved Patient Safety

  • Oxygen supply is limitless, regardless of consumption
  • Removal of patient consumption limits/rationing
  • Independence from external factors of supply uncertainty
  • Hardware automation

Reduced Hazard to the Environment and Public

  • Transport of dangerous goods is reduced
  • Logistical management of cylinders is no longer required
  • Occupational safety is improved without the need for the physical movement of cylinders
  • No need to store large volumes of gases within the hospital estatate