Gas Sector Safety Training

Effectively ensure the safety of the entire work community by providing regular gas safety training to your employees. Training is especially important for workers who are responsible for gas safety or who use gases in their work.

The training provided by GasSol's expert gives your employees the ability to work in a preventive and safe working environment. After training, employees know the characteristics of the gases used and the risks associated with handling, use and storage of them. In addition, they are able to act preventively, minimizing risk factors.

All of our courses are interactive and tailored for effective learning. In addition to lectures, they consist of Q&As and activating group work. At the end, participants will be provided with educational summaries of training material and will receive a certificate of training.

Gas Safety Training in Finland

  • Fire and rescue authorities
  • Health care institutions
  • Public and private sector health services
  • Industry professionals

Is there a need for training in your company?

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